Understanding The Different Types Of Window Blinds

When choosing a window treatment, the buyer needs to consider both aesthetic and practical qualities. Does the window treatment fit the overall design of the room? Does it let in and keep out light as needed? Among all the different options for covering a window, blinds are perhaps the most versatile. When lowered, they do a great job of blocking out light, and the individual slats can be tilted until the perfect amount of light comes through. When choosing blinds, consider the following options.

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Blinds

Blinds come in two main styles: horizontal slats (the most common) and vertical slats. Horizontal slats are usually preferred for standard size windows, while vertical slats tend to work better for extra tall and wide windows. Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding glass doors since they open to the side. Because the slats are thicker than the slats in horizontal blinds, vertical blinds also do a better job of blocking out light.

Different Materials Blinds Are Made Of

Another factor to consider when choosing blinds is the material that they're made of. Aluminum blinds are typically the most budget-friendly option, and they are available in the smallest sizes. Another common material is wood, which many people choose for its more elegant appearance. Faux wood is a less expensive and more durable option that has the same look of warmth. See a selection of attractive blinds in different materials at montgomerys.com.

Blind Controls

Traditional blinds are made with multiple cords to raise and lower the blinds and to tilt the slats up and down. However, families with small children should avoid long cords that could pose a risk. Fortunately, there are now blinds that can be operated with a wand, a wall switch, or even a remote control.

Thermal Blinds

Another option to consider is thermal blinds. While all blinds add some degree of insulation, thermal blinds are made with an extra insulating layer that can prevent heat loss in the winter. In the summer, they can help keep a home cooler by reflecting hot sunlight away from the house.

Homeowners who understand the options available in window blinds can make the best choice for their home decor and budget requirements. Learn more about window treatments at montgomerys.com.